Sexuality and Spirituality Coaching

We encourage our clients to focus on pleasure rather than performance, and provide support, information and tools to help clients effectively move through their lifestyle, spiritual and sexual concerns.


Chances are, this is new to you. Congratulations on trying something new and acknowledge the importance of your sexual and spiritual health!

Orgasmic Life

Sexual Energy and Orgasm are the most powerful gifts of this human experience. We invite you to share in the the intention that sexual energy is creative energy by participating in this Orgasmic Life Project. Enjoy the benefits of this service in different intensities based on your personal goals.

Sexual Connection

No matter who you are or your history; whether you are a new couple or polycule, open or monogamous relationships, using your sexual energy to deepen connection is a benefit to all. This series of sexual mastery sessions will create a powerful connection physically, emotionally and spiritually to depths that will change the way you see the world.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. Many have reported miraculous results.

Make A Love Scene

Make A Love Scene allows you to create your idea of what is sexy to you while increasing confidence and closeness between you and your partner. No need to follow the idea of someone else’s sexy.

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  • Entering the Orgasmic State

    “Even though you have achieved it through sex, it itself has no sexuality in it. You can reach to orgasm through sex. It is a merger of the negative and the positive polarities — such a deep merger that the […]

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  • Abundance in Love


    “Hence, it looks very contradictory, paradoxical, when stated in such a way: “Love brings aloneness.” You were thinking all along that love brings togetherness. I am not saying that it does not bring togetherness, but unless you are alone you […]

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  • Midnight with The Head Doctor in New York City

    As seen on HBO, BET and Playboy TV, get up close and personal with author/activist Jessica Holter starring in this sexy erotic live performance especially for lovers and friends. Replete with sensational story-telling, comedy, poetry and role play Midnight with […]

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  • Intimacy and 12 Hour Work Days

    Long workdays mean in balance is bound to happen. Put a little effort into balancing the full spectrum of you. Three perspectives to consider when expanding your energetic broadband our mind, body and spirit.

    Intimacy is very much of the MIND. […]

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  • More From Our Founder

    Orgasmic Healing Sessions with Nikki Morgan
    Nikki assists all genders with healing from past traumas, depression, increase sexual drive, assistance in finding one’s orgasm, opening up to multiple orgasms and a expanded use of orgasm for all human beings.
    “Energy orgasms will […]

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  • Energy Orgasms

    Energy orgasms will clear the body of repressed emotions, old hurts, and blocks. They put a bounce in your step, give you a positive outlook, energize and yet relax the body, and balance the chakras. Energy orgasms help pre-orgasmic women […]

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  • What is Sexology?

    Sexology is the field of study devoted to the acquisition of knowledge concerning sexual behavior in all of its aspects. This undertaking is made more unique because of the multidisciplinary nature of this inquiry. While a unique discipline itself, Sexology […]

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Client Feedback

Touch Sessions are designed to connect you to the loving, healing, & creative power of your body and how it relates to your world.

"The service definitely increased intimacy, as we mentioned before, just preparing for it provided for a nice shared intimate experience and even afterwords; about half hour after you left, she woke up rejuvenated which led to an experience we would have loved to have caught on film."

Couple Session Client

Today I truly feel empowered more than ever before. PUSSY POWER!

Orgasmic Healing Client

First and foremost I want to say thank you for coming to my home and making this feel as comfortable as possible as I entered a new realm to self awareness.

Male Orgasm Expansion Client