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Orgasm is the most powerful method to transmuting our thoughts into their physical equivalent. However, one must first relearn what orgasm is and hone their own sexual energy to begin this freedom journey.

Energy Ex-Chains...

March 18th a special performance. "They have come to New York City to find their sexual freedom. What they found is an orgasmic life. Between the walls of our little black box you will abide in spirit as you watch and listen to erotic scenes unfold, as our invited voyeur."

Orgasmic Life Healing Sessions

Increase Passion, Spiritual Connection, Find your Orgasm, Deeper or Multi-Orgasms, Stress Relief, heal repressed emotions, tension in the body and mind.

Sexual Connection

Improve Sexual Communication and shift the way you see and feel the world.

Bridal Shower Newness

Grab hold of this grand new chapter in life with hands on, interactive, fun and inspirational workshops, discussions and events in private settings to enter confidently into the bride’s new life partnership.

Sexual Lifestyle Introductions

You are welcome here to engage your sexual lifestyle curiosities and explore in a safe space custom fit for your preference.

Latest From The Blog

  • Energy Chords in Relationships


    Dec 17th during our Sexual Wellness Day Retreat we will cover how to identify, clean or cut energetic chords (yes, like musical waves) in relationships (romantic, familial and otherwise).

    In relationships and they sex, we create chords that connect us energetically. […]

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  • Pleasure Capacity

    #Pleasure #Capacity… Ever have a lover who was too good to you and you pushed them away or did things until they ran away; Someone offers you exactly what you needed and wanted and you said,”oh no.. I couldn’t”; Experienced […]

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  • Having Normal Sex?

    #Normal #Sex? What’s that?! Be #mindful of your #communication with your #partner. #Leave space that they may enjoy something you never considered was something to enjoy. #Great Communication involves suspending your #assumptions on what you think is normal, what should […]

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  • Pegging for Straight Men

    I’ve receive many private requests on information about pegging (although you may not know the term at the time you reached out). Specifically, many straight men have curiosity about this topic and feel tremendous shame around the act. The anus […]

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  • Side Effects of Thanksgiving

    Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, undoubtedly, many of you will gather with family and friends (blood related or chosen or by circumstance) which may require you to face uncomfortable situations, past hurts, annoyances, painful secrets while being in celebratory […]

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  • Nipple Orgasm

    A woman’s breasts are one of the best ways to ignite her sexual arousal. Stimulation of the nipple activated an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex. This is the same brain area activated by stimulation of […]

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  • Body Image Tips

    Some other benefits:

    Going #naked is great for #healthy #skin It helps the elimination of sweat toxins that clothing can reintroduce to the body and better overall #blood #circulation
    Being naked in the sun not only boosts your vitamin D intake and […]

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  • Poly Sub Dom Relationships & Forgiveness

    Thought I’d share a backstage experience during one Verbal Penetration New York Show. It’s started with a man crying uncontrollably in my dressing room…  
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  • Touchless Orgasm

    The Philosophy and Science behind Orgasmic Healing Sessions.
    Healing with Orgasmic Energy uses a combination of our neurological behaviors, emotional vibrations, knowledge of energy and your own self-awareness to shift old and repressed emotions, stagnant energy in the body causing dis-ease […]

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  • You Can Heal from This…

    A Reflection from Nikki Morgan..
    I tend to focus on pleasure and self awareness increasing activities so you have a place to go to relieve yourself from some of the harsh and tragic ongoings in the world. However, much of my […]

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Client Feedback

Touch Sessions are designed to connect you to the loving, healing, & creative power of your body and how it relates to your world.

"The service definitely increased intimacy, as we mentioned before, just preparing for it provided for a nice shared intimate experience and even afterwords; about half hour after you left, she woke up rejuvenated which led to an experience we would have loved to have caught on film."

Couple Session Client

Today I truly feel empowered more than ever before. PUSSY POWER!

Orgasmic Healing Client

First and foremost I want to say thank you for coming to my home and making this feel as comfortable as possible as I entered a new realm to self awareness.

Male Orgasm Expansion Client